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Where can I see the balance of my Discount Credits?RummyCulture has launched a new Wallet section. This is visible as an option in the menu from the lobby. In the Wallet section, you can view the complete details of the Discount Credits given to you.GST RelatedWalletQueries on Discount Credit Balance
Can I withdraw Discount Credit balance?No. You cannot withdraw Discount Credits Balance. Discount Credits can however, be used to play games.

Only the wallet balance shown as 'Withdrawal Balance' is eligible to be withdrawn subject to a maxium of ₹1,00,000 per withdrawal.
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Can I withdraw the amount transferred to Game balance after using Superboost?No. Only the amount shown under withdrawal balance can be withdrawn. This can be found out by visiting the Wallet section. The minimum amount which can be withdrawn is ₹100. Game Balance gets used for playing games and if you win a game, your winnings move to withdrawal balance.GST RelatedWalletQueries on Game Balance
What is Player Game Balance?This wallet balance is the sum of your deposit and game balanceGST RelatedWalletQueries on Player Game Balance
What is Game Balance?Game balance can be used to play games. Game Segment receives amount through i) transfer from Withdrawal Balance as part of superboost offers iii) transfer from game/tournament winningsGST RelatedWalletQueries on Game Balance
What is Discount Credit Balance?This wallet balance is the sum of all the active discount credits that are available with you. Thus providing easy tracking of total discount packs that you can avail towards Discounted Buy-In.GST RelatedWalletQueries on Discount Credit Balance
What is Withdrawal Balance?Any amount present in this wallet can be withdrawn by a you in line with the platform withdrawal policy.GST RelatedWalletQueries on Withdrawal Balance
What is Deposit Balance?Any amount deposited by a player is added to Deposit Segment after deducting applicable taxes.GST RelatedWalletQueries on Deposit Balance
Do I need to add cash every time if I want to play more games?You can play a game if you have a wallet balance in your Deposit, Game Balance, Withdrawal and Discount Credits.

However, in any circumstance if your wallet balances are 0 then Players can play unlimited games on Discount Credits Table. Let us understand how this works. If you do not have any buy in balance available in your wallet, then you will be able to join the Discount Credits Table for free. If you win the game, you will get additional Discount Credits. However, if you have available buy in balance in the form of Discount Credits then the entry will not be free. Discount Credits equal to the buy in value of that game will be consumed from your wallet.
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