The user must understand the game well, this is a game of skill and analytical ability where user should give his complete attention. 

  • First things first, the focus should be on forming a pure sequence, you cannot make a declaration without a pure sequence.
  • Avoid picking cards from the discarded pile, the other players may get to know what are you trying to form.
  • Ace, King, Queen and Jack are cards with high points, Try to discard these cards and replace them with Printed joker or wild card joker. You will lose with less point if you discard the high value cards.
  • Use logical thinking look out for cards, for example 6 can work with 4 and 5 and also 7 and 8 of the same suit.
  • Make sure you check your cards and then make a declaration. An Invalid declaration can cost you very high where a winning game can go for a complete loss losing all points.