• New – When a withdrawal request is placed, the status would show as 'New' in this status, you have an option to cancel the withdrawal request and the funds will reflect in your RummyCulture wallet instantly.


  • Cancelled by user- Where user cancels his withdrawal request before the status moves to “submitted to the bank”. Once the withdrawal is cancelled by the user, the amount goes back to the RummyCulture wallet. User can place a new withdrawal request, or he can use the amount to play cash games.
  • Submitted to the bank- In this status, the request will go the Payment gateway partner e.g. Cash free or Razor Pay.


  • Processed by the bank- This means, we have received a confirmation from the bank that funds are credited to the user account.


  • Returned from the bank- There could be two possible scenarios where the amount is returned from the bank. In this case amount is credited to your Rummy Culture wallet.
  1. If you have entered your bank details incorrectly in error. For example: Wrong Bank account number or Wrong IFSC. 
  2. If the bank details are entered correctly, there would be an issue from the bank’s end. Please raise a new withdrawal request.